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In the dynamic and often complex field of real estate law, the Deiana law firm offers comprehensive legal support to address and resolve the various needs associated with real estate. Whether it is purchase negotiations, sales, property development, real estate leasing, or litigation matters, the firm is prepared to guide clients through the real estate market. Our approach is based on an in-depth understanding of local, national and international regulations, allowing us to offer precise and strategic advice. We support a wide range of clients, including private investors, investors, public bodies and companies, with services covering every aspect of real estate law, including tax aspects.
Our services include legal due diligence to ensure transparency and security in transactions, drafting and reviewing contracts to protect our clients’ interests at every stage of negotiation, and legal representation in court proceedings related to real estate disputes. In addition, we advise on urban planning issues, which are essential to the success of real estate development projects. For our clients operating internationally, we provide crucial support in understanding the differences that exist in their respective legal systems and market practices.

Online legal advice

In the digital age, distance is no longer an obstacle to the quality and efficiency of legal assistance. Studio Legale Deiana is pleased to offer online legal advice, allowing clients both in Italy and abroad to benefit from our services without the need to physically visit our offices.

Our online consultation platform is designed to guarantee the same direct and personalised interaction that characterises in-office visits. Through secure and confidential video calls, you can discuss your case, receive legal opinions and strategies, and proceed with every aspect of your legal journey with the utmost comfort and privacy.

To request an online legal consultation, please contact us via the button below or by email. We will schedule your appointment and provide you with all the directions to access the video counselling service. Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain high-level legal assistance wherever you are.

What we do

If you are involved in real estate transactions or face legal issues related to real estate, Studio Legale Deiana is ready to offer you detailed advice and high-quality legal assistance. Contact us to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you obtain effective legal aid in the real estate sector.

Real Estate Transactions

The firm handles all phases of real estate transactions, relating to both the purchase and sale of residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial properties. Our support includes legal due diligence, negotiating contracts, registering deeds and managing negotiations with the parties involved. We offer thorough advice to ensure that every aspect of the transaction complies with the law and protects the client’s interests, while competently addressing challenges that may arise during the real estate process.

Property Management

We provide comprehensive legal assistance for leases, ensuring that contractual terms are balanced and protect the rights of the landlord or tenant. In addition, we offer property management services, supporting clients in resolving issues related to tenancy relations and contractual amendments. Our approach aims to reduce conflicts and facilitate effective and profitable property management.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In the case of real estate disputes, the firm is prepared to represent clients both in court and in arbitration and mediation (ADR). We deal with disputes relating to sales contracts, property rights, condominium issues, and other conflicts related to the use and ownership of real estate. The goal is always to find the quickest and most effective solution for the client, protecting their interests through strategic legal defence.

Our strengths


Each of our clients benefits from legal assistance that combines in-depth experience and a personalised approach.
We are highly qualified and specialised in different areas of law, enabling us to provide high-quality legal services.


Professionalism is at the heart of the firm’s work. At Studio Legale Deiana, we devote great attention to continuous professional development and in-depth study of the issues and areas the firm deals with, in order to support a defence that is always up to standard.


In pursuing our objectives, we believe it is essential to maintain personal and direct contact with each client. This relationship, based on mutual trust, is crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive issues.

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