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About us

Founded in 1995 by Salvatore Deiana, after an intense legal training in Rome, Studio Legale Deiana is today a point of reference in the legal field, with offices in Olbia, Tempio Pausania and Porto Cervo. The legal practice is mainly dedicated to real estate law, labour and social security law, and corporate law, but offers comprehensive legal services covering all branches of civil and criminal law.

The firm is distinguished by its personal and direct approach to clients, which ranges from private individuals to professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises, and even institutional associations and industries, both in Italy and abroad. This variety of clients testifies to the versatility and adaptability of the Deiana firm, which is able to handle legal complexities in various sectors with precision and dedication.

Thanks to a streamlined structure and an effective organisational dimension, we maintain a direct and personal relationship with each client, guaranteeing confidentiality, availability and timely solutions. Continuous updating and specialisation are the pillars of our professional practice, with numerous master’s degrees in the disciplines we practice testifying to our commitment to ongoing training.

The Deiana Law Firm is actively involved in both civil and criminal proceedings, handling the subjects with the utmost competence and professional rigour, always in compliance with the highest ethical standards.
Choosing Studio Legale Deiana means relying on a dedicated professional, ready to understand the complexities of law with an approach that puts the client and his needs at the centre of every activity.

Salvatore Deiana

Lawyer, Innovator, Sardinian

Salvatore Deiana is a lawyer who dedicates his professional life to the service of justice and sustainable development in Sardinia.

Born on 11 July 1966 in Tempio Pausania, in the heart of Gallura, he has built a distinguished career, enriched by more than three decades of forensic experience. Specialising in real estate, labour and corporate law, his work has always been distinguished by his passion and commitment to the land he calls home.

Maria Giovanna Deiana

Pioneer in Law, Legal Strategist, Visionary

Maria Giovanna Deiana is a lawyer who has devoted her professional life to the practice of law, with a particular focus on banking and civil law. Born and raised in Sardinia, Maria Giovanna began her legal career in 2008, quickly distinguishing herself for her dedication and keen understanding of legal dynamics.

Online legal advice

In the digital age, distance is no longer an obstacle to the quality and efficiency of legal assistance. Studio Legale Deiana is pleased to offer online legal advice, allowing clients both in Italy and abroad to benefit from our services without the need to physically visit our offices.

Our online consultation platform is designed to guarantee the same direct and personalised interaction that characterises in-office visits. Through secure and confidential video calls, you can discuss your case, receive legal opinions and strategies, and proceed with every aspect of your legal journey with the utmost comfort and privacy.

To request an online legal consultation, please contact us via the button below or by email. We will schedule your appointment and provide you with all the directions to access the video counselling service. Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain high-level legal assistance wherever you are.

Our locations

Studio Legale Deiana is proud to serve both local and international clients from our strategically located offices in Sardinia. With offices in Olbia, Tempio Pausania and Porto Cervo, we are easily accessible to clients throughout the region and beyond. Each office is equipped with advanced technology and resources that allow us to provide a high quality and customised legal service.

Each office of Studio Legale Deiana is committed to maintaining the same high standards of competence and professionalism. Our expansion and the geographical location of our offices reflect our commitment to be close to our clients and available to respond promptly to all their legal needs.

For more information on how we can assist you from your nearest office, please contact us. We will be happy to offer you personalised advice and discuss how we can best support your legal interests.


Piazza Regina Margherita, 28 07026 Olbia SS

Located in the centre of a vibrant commercial hub, our Olbia office allows us to interact directly with a wide network of businesses and professionals. This location is ideal for supporting clients in the commercial and tourism sectors, offering advice related to commercial, real estate and labour law.

Tempio Pausania

Via San Lorenzo, 4 07029 Tempio Pausania SS

In the historical heart of Gallura, our Tempio Pausania office is perfectly integrated into the local community, allowing us to maintain close ties with the traditions and specific needs of the region. This office focuses particularly on civil and agrarian law matters and the protection of local assets and property.

Porto Cervo

Piazzetta degli Archi, 7 07021 Porto Cervo SS

With a prestigious location in one of the most renowned tourist resorts, the Porto Cervo office offers specialised services in real estate law and high-value transaction management. Here, we assist discerning clients who require meticulous and discreet attention, an essential feature for transactions in this exclusive setting.

Our strengths


Each of our clients benefits from legal assistance that combines in-depth experience and a personalised approach.
We are highly qualified and specialised in different areas of law, enabling us to provide high-quality legal services.


Professionalism is at the heart of the firm’s work. At Studio Legale Deiana, we devote great attention to continuous professional development and in-depth study of the issues and areas the firm deals with, in order to support a defence that is always up to standard.


In pursuing our objectives, we believe it is essential to maintain personal and direct contact with each client. This relationship, based on mutual trust, is crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive issues.

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